Project Leak Free

When water gets into your property it’s always a headache. Not only is there the potential danger of electrical damage and spoiling of your contents but, also the subsequent problems that can arise with the interior fabric of the building. This can result in costly drying out and remedial works before the premises can return to normal operations.

The other problem that often arises with roof and gutter leaks is that the source is not always obvious, preventing you or non-specialist contractors from correcting the problem rapidly yourselves.

At Roof Management our many years of experience allows us to quickly assess any leaks and ensure that they are dealt with in the correct manner. We will always get to the real source of the problem even if it’s not raining at the time! We can then carry out immediate steps to rectify the fault, with your permission or, we can perform a free independent survey and provide our best recommendations to solve your issue.

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