All of our flat roofing systems can be installed from 5 to 25 year guarantee with insurance backing or a manufacturer backed single point guarantee.

Roof Management are experienced commercial flat roofing specialists from installation through to repair. The commercial flat roofing we install throughout the UK is extremely versatile and suitable for both industrial and trade applications. It is a single, easily fitted membrane that offers all the qualities necessary to satisfy the relevant health and safety regulations.

Depending upon your requirements, we have the knowledge and the skills to offer a comprehensive range of services, including single-ply, built up felt and overlay repairs.

If you would like to discuss the most suitable roofing options for your commercial property please contact us for more information, or alternatively apply for a free no obligation survey.

Built Up Felt Systems

Roof Management provide Built Up Felt Roofing for Industrial & Commercial clients across the UK. Our roofing specialists are kept up to date with the latest technology and have many years of experience in the industry. Our skilled felt roofers apply felt, usually in several layers bonded together, to form a watertight covering.

Built-up felt roofing systems have significantly improved over the last twenty five years and now offer excellent quality and value. Roof Management have the expertise and experience to advise you on the right solution for your roof. Whether your roof is flat, sloping or pitched we are to help. Simply contact us for a free, no obligation quote or to discuss your roofing query in more detail.


Flat Roofing Overlay systems provide an alternative to the complete replacement of existing flat roofs.

The main advantage of this is to reduce disruption and to keep the building fully operational during the refurbishment. Most roof coverings can be overlaid but care must be taken to ensure the existing underlying substrate is of reasonable quality.Benefits of using a flat roofing overlay for your commercial roof include fast installation, economical, robust, fully-bonded membrane and a long-life expectancy.

Liquid Applied Coatings

Liquid Roofing Systems are cold applied systems for both cold and warm roof designs that cure into flexible waterproof coatings designed to adjust to fixings, seams, welds and joints.

Liquid Roofing can be applied to various materials including felt, concrete, asbestos, metal and more. They provide long lasting protective solutions for all types of flat and pitched roofs including skid inhibiting walkways and balcony systems.

Benefits include fast installation, seamless, environmentally friendly and it is excellent for roofs with a high number of penetrations.

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