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We value our free ELD as part of our leak detection arsenal.  Whilst our Surveyors are incredible, there are some issues the eyes cannot detect.

An ELD allows us to compile a thorough understanding of the roof and best prescribe the most effective remedial action available.  This coupled with our expert roofing teams are sure to facilitate a 100% leak free roof.

An Electronic Leak Detector (ELD) is used for locating roof leaks, pinholes, porosity and other faults in new or existing non-conductive membranes and coatings on conductive substrates.

In Electronic Roof Leak Detection the ELD works on the principle of passing a current over the roof surface through a copper brush electrode so that, when a path to earth is found, such as through a puncture or defective lap, an alert is sounded. All defects are marked, numbered and their locations shown on a plan for patch repairs to be made and then re-tested.

On new roofs, such testing is a robust method of quality control to show that the roof is free of defects on completion. Our roof leak detection service provides methods that quickly detect defects in a leaking roof.

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